Friday, October 22, 2010

Windsong Way: The Autumn Sky

Windsong Way: The Autumn Sky

The Autumn Sky

Full Moon Blessings - May your harvest be more than you had hoped for

may Mother Earth bless you and keep you

May your harvest provide for the life and joy

of all that you love and cherish.

Harvest Moon

The full Harvest Moon hangs bright and heavy in the cold October sky. Smokey clouds dance across the glowing orb and the leaves rattle and cackle among the trees. There is a a dampness that chills the air and a hint frost; the first light touch lies close upon the earth and the musk of night surrounds and enfolds me.
The final harvest of the year arrives as the leaves burst forth with their hidden hues of orange, red and gold. How the light fades as the sun rises lower each morning and looses the height of the hot summer sun. The shadows rule the day and the night now, and they will for the next 4 months. The inner journey has begun.
Here in Maine, our lives are lived by the seasons of the year. We are all about the woodstove now. The stacking and the covering of the firewood is complete. The wood lies nestled in huge piles that create walls that will slowly be consumed and disappear by Spring. The woodstove ticks and pops in a satisfying way as the wind moans a little when it blows past the door.
I am thankful for the harvest this year. The Mother provides in so many ways, unexpected at times, but usually just what I need at the moment. Whether I realize it or not at the time...
Tomorrow I will harvest the final greens - the dandelions and the parsley. The last few peppers from the green house too.
Hope your harvest was all you hoped for!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Surviving Life

It's been awhile since I posted again... Forgive me faithful reader! Are you still with me? The days can pass so quickly and the garden always beckons as the summer comes to an end... though I know this isn't why I have left my blog unattended.
Actually I have avoided the whole Internet, Facebook, social media circus altogether, since my last posting here. I found myself astonished at the hate that flew at me from the airwaves from a single disgruntled person, who disagreed with my thoughts and misread my postings. I felt as if I had been slapped, judged and executed, tho it was really nothing but a mindless speel of religious/political brainwashing that I usually ignore. But this bothered me.
I realize though that allowing one uninformed person to alter my thoughts of peace and then stop the shareing of information that I accomplish online is silly. Why let 1 nasty person from my friends list of 145 people take precedence over all the good people? Why waste an instant on it? I let 'them' win if I give up. Thus my bloggin mind is renewed.
Last week was a dificult one for me. i've had a cold and a horrible cough that got much worse. I refused to call the doctor to save on my deductible - we have more than enough medical bills already. I developed a sharp pain that I let go for 2 days and it suddenly got worse. I even drove myself to the ER. It seems I have a hematoma in my abdominal wall - quite painful let me assure you. The medicine then made me sick and I ended up back at the hospital with uncontrollable vomiting and sweating and faintness (thanks for the ride Hannah!) ... Ice and rest... which would be fine if I had help with the fire, the dishes, the cleaning, the cooking, getting the water, tending the chickens, cleaning the litter boxes, going to the store... you see what I mean...
As I was recooperating and reading the Sunday paper, I was home alone. I heard barking and screaming and ran out to find my neighbors dog with one of my chickens in her mouth. She dropped the bird when I yelled but a chase ensued and I let Magick my huge black lab out to help. He saved the chickens life by holding the dog away as my chicken beelined it for Mama.
She hid in the bushes and I almost stepped on her as I searched the overgrown garden. She bled on my shirt, but it wasn't much. Her sister returned 15 minutes later, looking fine and they have spent the last 3 days trying to get out of the pen. I am better but still doing too much. I'm glad I can though! I rejoice in Life and all it's lessons! Blessed Be!