Saturday, June 25, 2011

Is It June?

Summer has officially begun, for the calender tells me so. The thermometer, however, is a different story. The Spring has lingered long and wet, like a melted ice cream cone, that didn't come with a napkin. It feels about as warm and cozy too.

This happens some Springs. The weather pattern gets stuck in 'Canada' mode and we suffer thru weeks of cool, drizzly, damp days that make me long for sun and shorts.

The garden has been pleased with the daily downpours and the thunderstorms add precious nitrogen to the soil. I wish now I had planted my beloved Snow Peas. I couldn't find the seed this year, and I refused anything less than a Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea. They are the sweetest and the best and I know better that to waste my time and space.

I'm cutting the Garlic Scapes this afternoon and adding them to a Chicken Corn chowder that simmers on the stove. Today the temps have climbed from the 50 degrees yesterday gave us, all the way to 60! I'm still cold and the woodstove will be going later (again!).

The lettuce is exploding and Sage is in full flower. The cukes are just now sprouting and the beans too. I may get a few Beets and Carrots, but the Chicken Girls have done a job on that bed by scratching up the seedlings. I'll consider it a good thing, when I discover I don't have to weed the Carrots... maybe! The Cherry Tomatoes have nice green globes in the green house and the outdoor varieties are thriving in spite of the cool air.

More rain tomorrow, then sun for most of the upcoming week. I'll try to mulch well before the season actually does warm up, cause I really don't like to weed! Happy Summer to all!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rhododendrons Rock!

The Rhododendrons absolutely glow with color and literally hum with the haappiness of the Bumble Bees. The Lilacs fade and the Honeysuckle turns from white to yellow as the last blast of scent fills the yard with fragrence.

Spring is so delicious to me. The air is moist and full of birdsong and flowery smells. The soil is receptive to the coddled seedlings and the chickens purr as they pick bugs from the lawn.

Life is a wonder to me today. The tree frogs trill
from the edge of the woods.

The gardens are mostly planted, though I have few more beds to complete. So far there are 19 Tomatoes - 6 Brandywine, 6 Cherry, a Sungold, and several mixed heirlooms, a half dozen Cayenne Peppers and 8 Sweet Peppers, slicing and pickling Cucumbers, Dill, Sweet and Lemon Basil, Summer Savory, Bush Beans, Italian and curly Parsley, Acorn Squash, Zuchinni, Sunflowers, a Potato hill and the Onions and Garlic. Carrots, Beets, Onions and more lettuce and sprouting from seeds, though it is a race with the chickens for the sproutlings. I've erected a twig fence, which does not deter them, in fact I believe they are playing a jump the twig game...

There are still a few Pumpkins and Beans and more Sunflowers to plant too. The 'cool and cloudy' forcast actually became a drizzly day, so I got little gardening done today. I did snap a few pics of the Rhododendrons.

I'm off to watch the final leg of the Triple Crown - the Belmont. I love horses and the thrill of the race. I only hope for an mishap free race and all the best to all. I don't bet and I don't like any abuse of the horses - enen the whipping bothers me. I just like the beauty of the beast, the nobleness of the horse touches my heart and makes it beat a little quicker, a little stronger. The feel of the horse, the smell, the speed and power of the animal - it appeals to me on such a viseral level. I remember wishing on the evening star for a pony... I still wish for one and perhaps on day the wish will come true.