Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Wishes

What is it about the holidays that makes us all go crazy and act like we are 9 years old again? Yes, we like the sense of wonder and peace, love and joy ... the good feelings of home and security. I mean the feelings of jealosy, inadequacy, greed and anger. They play out every year in some way or another - Sis is mad cause Bro got a bigger thingy and Mom always liked you better too!
These lessons go round and round and even when you think they are gone and dealt with, here they come again with another test, or version... just to see if you still remember how it feels to be forgotten, abused or inadequate. Sigh... when will we learn? I say - when will it STOP!!!
I thought I knew that it is the giving, not the getting. The season is about love, and forgiveness. And not hoping the hubby doesn't get too drunk. Or stay drunk. For the month. Then start channeling his dead mother and screaming at the top of his lungs that I am a bitch and useless and should get a job. Then forget he said that and ask for his dinner.
Call me Scroogette - I've been sick for a week with a horrible cold (flu???) - sore throat, aches, cough, infected looking snot, sinus headache... But I pulled off the week before Christmas - the shopping, wrapping, tree decorating, coookie baking, several major dinners (including a lobster feed and 2 days later an 8 lb roast beef that my mother would have been proud of). I entertained children and made old people smile. I cleaned and cooked, stayed up late more than several nights. Then I didn't burst into tears at Christmas dinner when I toasted my delicious Bordeaux wine by myself. Hubby was already drunk and nasty, and others were full of champagne they had already drunk - and had not offered me a sip!
Boxing Day was worse. I lost my match and got bruises.
Now I am snowed in with the antichrist upstairs and I am afraid to speak a word, because he turns around everything I say and starts yelling at me again.
I don't want to leave my home, but I cannot live in fear of being hurt... or with the fear that I might hurt him. I believe it is dementia brought on from the many years of his alcoholism. It scares me and I'm sure it frightens him too - when he is able to remember.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Redskin - Truth or Lies

Wiscasset High School has decided to keep their mascot name "Redskins" and a survey done during Wiscasset voting, shows that most want to keep the derogatory name. 503 to 128 was the voter spread - in favor of keeping the name.
Comments were also given which included things like "Anyone that wants to change the name should be shot", "Our town, our business", and "Who is offended? People that live 4 hours away?"
The student council had requested visits between Pleasant Point reservation and Wiscasset High to discuss the differences. However, this was canceled after School committee members stated that they did not want their children listening to Native "rhetoric", and the Native school decided that their children shouldn't be exposed to such racism.
The children will indeed learn lessons from this controversy, though not what the closeminded Wiscasset voters have expressed.
I think they have their new name - Wiscasset Rednecks!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hecate at the Crossroads

If you know me, you know I celebrate all holidays - any and all religions that speak of truth and love. There cannot be enough reasons to celebrate our love and remember who we are.
Today is a day of celebration for the Goddess Hecate - the Moon Goddess, The Goddess of the Night... she is the 3 faced goddess that hangs at the crossroads and aids travelers on their path. She is known by her flaming wands, her white owl, her howling black dog, and by the frog and the herbs of garlic, vervain and hyssop, as well as the symbol of the full moon flanked with half moons on either side.
Today she is celebrated and revered in remembrance of the dark side of the Moon. We are reminded that all paths begin as one, and it is the turns we make that change our course, for good or ill. To celebrate and honor Her, food and gifts were left at crossroads that were dedicated to Her on this day. The food was left, a blessing said, and the worshipper would quickly leave the scene, without glancing a look behind.
Hecate does not suffer fools gladly, so respect Her in this image and revere Her dark ways. There may be a time when you need Her flaming lights, for we all may loose our way in the dark at times. I'd rather count on my side.
So tonight I shall honor the Triple Goddess, with lights and laughter - tapered with respect and honor. My offerings will be left at the crossroads, with prayers and my love. Then I'll look for the signs to guide my way on this journey we call Life. I'll only pass where flaming torches light the way, where hounds bay loudly, and owls fly free. Where the frogs bless my doorstep and the Triple Goddess shines on me. Let it be so, let it be.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Can Thanksgiving be here already? Here at Windsong Woods, the Autumn cold is slow in coming. The grass is still green, though the trees have lost their leaves. There is no ice in the pond yet. A few light touches in the early morning, but the usual chill of November has eluded us so far. Years ago, there was always skating on the ice pond in Round Pond, though now we are lucky to be skating by Christmas. The last 12 months have been above normal here in Maine. Global warming is us.
The lobstering has been good, as can be expected in the Fall. There is a lot of trap shifting going on, but the catch is fat and full, when the weather permits. Shrimp season begins next week, or at least the draggers can start at that time. The price will be up this year - an unexpected bonus from the Gulf of Mexico spill last Spring. Their loss - our gain. Somehow I have a hard time feeling happy about that...
I'm still waiting for the first egg from the chicken girls. They are 24 weeks old this week, and I thought they started laying at 20 weeks. I hope I don't have 2 roosters instead of 2 hens.
The Cockatiels, on the other hand, have laid another clutch of eggs since I moved their cage inside. They lay 7 or 8 eggs, spend a month sitting on them, then abandon the small, white treasures. When opened, the eggs are never fertilized. I don't know why. They mate - I've seen them. What a lovely little sound they make with their love too! It is quite pornographic! But nothing ever comes of all their love and hard work. I'm glad, because I would probably have 5 dozen birds by now, but you have to have sympathy for their unfulfilled love.
On the wild bird front - a pair of Cardinals visited yesterday and played in the bush by our bedroom window. What beauty they grace us with, and nothing beats that red coat the male wears. The Titmice are here regularly now too. I always have tons of Chickadees and Goldfinches. I rescued a Chickadee that had flown into the window and was hanging upside down in a bush, gasping and barely hanging on to the branch. I carefully held him in my hand to recover and right himself. He slowly regained his strength and agility, and flew off in about 10 minutes.
The flock of crows - called a murder of crows - comes to eat the corn and sunflower seed all together now. This is the time they flock up to feed and Winter together. There is about 2 dozen regulars, though in the dead of a cold, snowy January, every crow from 50 miles knows where I live.
Cabin fever already too. This house it too small. I cannot type on this without the hubby having a fit... I better go look busy. Ugh.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Believe in Me

Truth and the perception of truth have been on my mind a lot lately. What may be true for you, could be completely untrue for me. I might feel hot and you might feel cold, though each has truth and a legitimacy to the claim. The problem arises when one tries to convince the other of their own truth. You can argue til your face is blue, but I will still feel hot. Perhaps even hotter at that point.
Let's say smoke is pouring from the eaves of the house and I think it may be on fire and about to burn to the ground. You think it probably is nothing and we should go ahead and drive to the store and forget about it. That is a misperception of truth, not a personal point of view. Further thought and investigation is required to discover wether either of us is right, or that the drier vent is merely releasing the steamy hot air in an odd way because of a NW wind.
The emotional response to this is another added consideration. I may be passionately positive that we are loosing our home and way of life at that moment. Crying, screaming, and yelling will not stop a real fire, or change the fact that it is merely the drier vent.
Reacting or overreacting is an unnecessary complication that should be avoided in discussions of differing points of view. I must remember this during discussions of politics.

Monday, November 8, 2010

New Moon and Old Politics

High Tide at noon on the New Moon at Pemaquid Point, Maine. On 11-6-10
A new cycle has begun. The New Moon in Scorpio washes away the old leaves with the rain that comes with it. The political cycle begins again as the winners shake their booty and the losers lick their wounds.

I just glad it's over. It's been almost a week and I embrace the quiet as the phone no longer rings all day with recorded messages and surveys. I never give my opinions anymore. I used to tell anyone my innermost thoughts and long held beliefs; back before the political climate felt so volatile and dangerous. Now I politely decline and keep my beliefs to myself.

A violent storm blew through last night with heavy rain and strong winds. My plastic green house cover repair from last spring did not last though and now I have a long, gaping hole in the middle of it. I've been putting the chickens in their during rainy periods, but they refuse to stay in it now and escape thru the sides when they get bored. They are not the smartest birds in the world.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Windsong Way: The Autumn Sky

Windsong Way: The Autumn Sky

The Autumn Sky

Full Moon Blessings - May your harvest be more than you had hoped for

may Mother Earth bless you and keep you

May your harvest provide for the life and joy

of all that you love and cherish.

Harvest Moon

The full Harvest Moon hangs bright and heavy in the cold October sky. Smokey clouds dance across the glowing orb and the leaves rattle and cackle among the trees. There is a a dampness that chills the air and a hint frost; the first light touch lies close upon the earth and the musk of night surrounds and enfolds me.
The final harvest of the year arrives as the leaves burst forth with their hidden hues of orange, red and gold. How the light fades as the sun rises lower each morning and looses the height of the hot summer sun. The shadows rule the day and the night now, and they will for the next 4 months. The inner journey has begun.
Here in Maine, our lives are lived by the seasons of the year. We are all about the woodstove now. The stacking and the covering of the firewood is complete. The wood lies nestled in huge piles that create walls that will slowly be consumed and disappear by Spring. The woodstove ticks and pops in a satisfying way as the wind moans a little when it blows past the door.
I am thankful for the harvest this year. The Mother provides in so many ways, unexpected at times, but usually just what I need at the moment. Whether I realize it or not at the time...
Tomorrow I will harvest the final greens - the dandelions and the parsley. The last few peppers from the green house too.
Hope your harvest was all you hoped for!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Surviving Life

It's been awhile since I posted again... Forgive me faithful reader! Are you still with me? The days can pass so quickly and the garden always beckons as the summer comes to an end... though I know this isn't why I have left my blog unattended.
Actually I have avoided the whole Internet, Facebook, social media circus altogether, since my last posting here. I found myself astonished at the hate that flew at me from the airwaves from a single disgruntled person, who disagreed with my thoughts and misread my postings. I felt as if I had been slapped, judged and executed, tho it was really nothing but a mindless speel of religious/political brainwashing that I usually ignore. But this bothered me.
I realize though that allowing one uninformed person to alter my thoughts of peace and then stop the shareing of information that I accomplish online is silly. Why let 1 nasty person from my friends list of 145 people take precedence over all the good people? Why waste an instant on it? I let 'them' win if I give up. Thus my bloggin mind is renewed.
Last week was a dificult one for me. i've had a cold and a horrible cough that got much worse. I refused to call the doctor to save on my deductible - we have more than enough medical bills already. I developed a sharp pain that I let go for 2 days and it suddenly got worse. I even drove myself to the ER. It seems I have a hematoma in my abdominal wall - quite painful let me assure you. The medicine then made me sick and I ended up back at the hospital with uncontrollable vomiting and sweating and faintness (thanks for the ride Hannah!) ... Ice and rest... which would be fine if I had help with the fire, the dishes, the cleaning, the cooking, getting the water, tending the chickens, cleaning the litter boxes, going to the store... you see what I mean...
As I was recooperating and reading the Sunday paper, I was home alone. I heard barking and screaming and ran out to find my neighbors dog with one of my chickens in her mouth. She dropped the bird when I yelled but a chase ensued and I let Magick my huge black lab out to help. He saved the chickens life by holding the dog away as my chicken beelined it for Mama.
She hid in the bushes and I almost stepped on her as I searched the overgrown garden. She bled on my shirt, but it wasn't much. Her sister returned 15 minutes later, looking fine and they have spent the last 3 days trying to get out of the pen. I am better but still doing too much. I'm glad I can though! I rejoice in Life and all it's lessons! Blessed Be!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Civil Rights

Today is the another 90 degree day, after 4 days of such weather. I don't usually function well when it gets over 85, so I admit to being a little cranky all week. Now we are facing Hurricane Earl as well, so you see, the stress is there...
Anyway, I lost a friend this week during a discussion of what are civil rights: who has and deserves civil rights, and whether a recent 'rally' in DC was a good or a negative thing. I feel it was divisive and questioned how many Black, Hispanic, Gay, Homeless, or illigal aliens were in attendance. She countered that it was merely a religious rally to encourage a return to our Founding Fathers values from the Constition. When I asked which value : slavery, child labor/abuse, dominance of women or abuse of minorities was she trying to return to, it got ugly quickly.
She accused me of calling her names, though I had carefully avoided doing so. Then she called ME several names, complained I only listened 'to my own kind', then said I acted like I hated her and blocked me from her facebook account! I was upset, then I realized the rally HAD been about causing division. It had worked perfectly - for we were sorely divided.
I wondered about other Christion friends, and their beliefs, and looked to Christ's own words and deeds. Then I thought of all the other homes and friendship's around the country that have probably been affected by this vary same event. How different from Martin Luther King's speech, though it was promoted as an event that would unite the country.
I'm interested in the rights of ALL - even that of the animals, plants and rocks... the Earth herself. When will Her rights be honored? The right of clean air and water? The right of having oil in her veins? Why must we rape and pillage Her and her beings? We cut down her mountains and bury her streams. We suck out the water and blow out toxic waste. How long can this continue?
There will be a time, in the not so distant future I think, when She will shake herself off and say 'ENOUGH!' I wonder if I should ask for Her calm or encourage Her Wrath? But really I want Her to shake us all and yell - 'WAKE UP!!!"

Monday, August 30, 2010

August Excuses

The month of August lasts only a few days here in Maine. I know the calender says there are more, but the calender knows nothing of the shift of time and space when air and sun and ocean combine to create an unreality that is unexpalinable to all but those that have lived this phenomenom.

Has it been a whole MONTH since I last wrote? Ack!

The chickens have grown but yet to give me an egg, though the cockatiels are now laying again and are enjoying the move to the glass greenhouse for the next couple of months. The yard is full of finches - yellow, gold and purple, that feast on the ripening elderberries and sweet sticky blackberrries. Huge dragonflies cruise the yard by the dozens in the late afternoon and the crickets sing us to sleep.

My daughter has come and gone, like a whirlwind, from California. We wined and dined, walked and talked. Friends - young and old, came and went. We ate too many lobsters and I made black and blue berry pies.

The Porter Preserve on Barters Island in Boothbay Harbor was a treasure. Another day we walked in the rain with umbrellas - she said she missed the rain. The Boothbay botanical garden was a magickal day, followed by a free wine tasting that we came across. Later, she and her father had oysters and drinks on the pier at the Contented Sole in Pemaquid. Priceless!

We wait now for a series of hurricanes to come and play along the coast. The week should be interesting as school starts Wednesday, and the days grow darker and cooler.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Triumph of Summer

July passes like an afternoon breeze and I try to recall what has happened to the days. The air is crisp with bright blue sky and cottony clouds that float away.
Here at Windsong Woods we revel in the perfect days - the hot sun and drenching thunderstorms that string the days together. It's all about the gardens now for me. How the flowers bloom and what is ripe and which birds grace the feeders. These things take up my time and fill my thoughts and dreams.
The winter winds shall blow in not so many months from now. I'll let the snow pile by the door, for I will have July in my heart and no Winter wind or frosty chill can take that thought from me. I keep the memories too tight, balled in cotton, soaked in lavender and tucked deep into my summer soul.
The chickens have grown and my last wish was requested! My son took pity on my haphazard plans for the chicken shelter and produced a magical house with nesting areas, a window and a locking front door. The whole front slides out for easy cleaning and the back opens up for egg removal.
The chickens love cherry tomatoes, so I do endulge their little cravings. The Raspberries have gone by now, but will soon be replaced with the biggest, juiciest, easiest picking Blackberries I have ever seen! The Blueberries come from the stand at the side of the road, but the pie was awesome!! Here's the reciepe:

Front Page Blueberry Pie

For the Crust - I make this first. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees

2 cups of white whole wheat flour
1t. salt
2 T. sugar
2 sticks of cold organic butter (I know! But this is the right amount!)
1/3 cup of ice water - more or less, I don't measure, but go by feel... sorry - that's how Nanny taught me
Stir first 3 ingredients together, then cut butter into flour with a pastry cutter or break with fingers into peas sized pieces. Sprinkle water, a spoon at a time into 5 sections of the bowl - more or less and stir lightly. Squeeze it together, knead a couple times, divide into 2 discs and wrap in plastic. Put in the freezer.
Then combine a quart of Blueberries, with 1/2 cup of sugar and 1/4 cup of flour.
Retrieve dough from the freezer - Keep in for 5 minutes - and roll out first crust with rolling pin. Fold in half and put into pie plate. Unfold. Spread evenly, pour berries in and dot with a little butter here and there. Roll out 2nd crust and place over top. Pinch edges, poke a dozen evenly spaced holes in the crust and bake for 15 min. in preheated 400 oven. Then turn down to 350 for 1/2 or until slightly golden brown.
Let cool completely before cutting - if it's hot it will be runny - just cover it with ice cream!

Enjoy!! I'm back to the garden. My your life be as blessed as mine is this day! Light and Love!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Welcome July

The poppies are blooming and the garden grows with glee. Green tomatoes hang with ripening cukes and the Elderberry flowers are opening. The lavender awaits my cutting and the Hawthorne tree blooms in ecstacy.

The cockatiels, Joey and Olivia are beginning anewin the laying cycles. Dozens of eggs and nary a fertile one. I have yet to find a bird fertility specialist, so I merely wait and trust that the Universe has a plan for unborn chicks. My birds seem happy going about the motions, and after a month of no hatching, they begin the mating and laying again. I'm content to watch and enjoy their company.

The chicken chicks are 3 + weeks old and have been outside to play in the yard a small fenced in area. Next week, they will have a more permanent enclosure for outdoor fun.... I'm still debating the final design. In other words, I don't have clue where the pen will be. I wish I had a chicken house.... Sigh.

In a an undeniable craving for camping and alone time, I found a $7 tent at the thrift store and set it up in the backyard. It is lovely and I may move in before the summer is over. I'm waiting for a warm night to test it out. Page and I have played and painted in it earlier in the week. The dogs loved it and now she declares that she wants a tent too! Her bottom tooth is really loose and we hoped it would fall out, but has clung on mightily... In time the tooth fairy will visit.

We did go to the beach this week for a brief visit in the afternoon. Baby Beach in Pemaquid was almost empty of people and the tide was high. We enjoyed the warm sun, Page ran in up to her chest, I got my legs wet, but it was just to cold for me to dive in... Page was really disappointed that I am so wimpy, though I promised next time that I would.

I'm off to the well and enjoy the summer's kindness!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Dead Sea 2

The beginning of Summer and I should be happy and enjoying the beautiful air and the bright blue sky. The Beach calls to me, but I hesitate to visit. I feel a connection to the Gulf Coast and sympathize with their plight. How can I lay on our prisitine white sand and bathe in the clear salt water, while others dig oil from blacked shores in boots and haz mat suits? I feed the blue jays and the finches and tell the crows to send love to their southern cousins.

Yesterday the cap was knocked off the well casing at the Deepwater Horizon by a robot that quite possible was spraying the dispersant Corexit 9500. The EPA has told BP to stop using it, but they merely said they would not stop. The government has made no effort to dissuade this additional toxic element from invading the water and poisoning the plants and creatures of the Gulf. This chemical brew will stay in the water for years, though there is no real research on use in such quantities or long term effects. It's a big science experiment we are told...

This is the first time I've had the house to myself for several hours of quiet me time. I should be outside playing in the garden, but I'm in here dwelling on the tradgedy enfolding in the Gulf and wishing and praying that we did not have to go throught this horror. Apparently we don't learn easily though. Sigh.

The Chicks are 2 weeks old and doing well. Lucy is trying to fly out of the box and yesterdayI gave them some little plastic cat balls with bells inside to play with. I hung a little bell and a perch for them too, though they really just want to eat and chase worms and scratch and peck.

I'm off to plant last minute Cauliflour and some Green Beans. I'm not driving my car today either.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Vacation

The last day of school has come and gone and summer has officially arrived. The days begin to grow shorter now and the light will fade as the wheel turns towards the Winter Solstice, on December 21. Time seems to go faster these last few years and I don't know if it's actually me or if in fact, time is really speeding up. I don't suppose we would know if time went faster, as everything according to time is relative. I'll have to spend some time thinking about that...

The chicks are growing and learning to look forward to my voice and the little worms they so love. How they run and cheep and fight over the little wiggly critters! I wish I loved my food that much, though I would not be much fun to eat with at elegant restaurants.

My 5 year old neighbor, Page is spending the day with me and another 5 year old is visiting too. I forget how boys are so much louder and rougher than girls. We've played with the cats, the dogs, the fish, the cockatiels and the chicks.

Then we explored the pond and petted the bull frogs. The frogs actually were patient and let their backs be stroked. We saw huge tadpoles that must be bull frogs too. I have never seen such large tadpoles before in this pond. I thought there weren't any this year, but they are just good at disguising themselves. We saw little salamander nymphs and watched the dragon flies catch mosquitos. How can I bottle this feeling and take it out and play with it whenever I feel too self important?

The children are now full of strawberry cake and whipped cream, so it may be time for another walk.
I'll breath deep and soak up the sun as I remember to smile and thank The Mother for her blessings and life.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chicks Are Us

Tweety - whose loud voice saved her life and Lucy, named for a gentle bird that left us too soon.

Bird Lady or Chick Mamma?

Oops, I did it again! (Madonna's got nothing on me!) Actually, the exact quote from the hubby was - "This time you've really done it!" I don't know what made me do it... Perhaps it was the early Spring? Or was it the sounds of nesting and mating birds that compelled me to act? I could blame my neighbors that were accomplices to my dirty deed, though they really weren't a factor, merely the excuse that I was looking for.

I have actually threatened this for years, and I can't believe it was so easy in the end... Fate, perhaps, or a longing for love that could be denied no longer. Yes, I like that explanation! I did it for love! And for the fresh eggs... I brought home baby chicks, you see. Barred Rock, 3 day old, fuzzy little black and tan balls of fluff and spunk. Ahh - I'm a mother at last!

I ran into Michael and Susan at Ames Hardware in Wiscasset as they were picking up their preordered birds. I merely asked if there were any birds without homes and the next thing I knew, I was headed out the door with a cheeping box and a bag of chick food. Syncrocicity at its best!

The three chicks quickly became two chicks as one was weak and apparently had some kind of intestinal blockage. I decided not to replace the chick and my two litttle babies are doing well.

Even after the play date with the cat. It really wasn't Merlin's fault. He did what all cats would do in a similar situation. When faced with a slightly open door into a room with cheeping noises... I rescued the tiny screaming bird in the middle of a dinner party as I was steaming asparagus. Then I screamed and cried a bit myself, then I took a couple deep breaths and served scallops and shrimp over rice to 7 people. For my next trick... well, you'll have to keep reading and see!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What To Do?

The puffy clouds drift lazily across the crystal blue sky, as the breeze rufffles the new green leaves. The air carries the salt scent of the rocky shoreline from the inlet of the bay, just a short walk through the woods from here. It's quiet as the birds are still nesting and dealing with their young.

Oil still gushes into the Gulf of Mexico and the horror of the disaster continues to unfold. The nation and the world watch as our ocean and our pride are ruined. Even if the oil stops this very minute, the damage has been done and will never go away. Not in our lifetimes or our grandchildrens' lifetimes. Humpty Dumpty has fallen. Pandora's Box has been opened. The apple has been eaten. The plane has struck the building. It feels like that. Only worse. Because this time, I let this happen. So did you. We all stood around and let this happen.

Now what do we do? First we must stop the oil flow. I can't help with that, but I can pray everyday for the strength and knowledge to reach those that CAN stop it. Then we must regulate and oversee this kind of work. Our government must protect our health and our rights as citizens and land owners. We must demand it. Our water and our air must be kept clean. We can't eat money and we can't drink oil.

What else can I do? I won't drive my car today and try to use a little less energy. Do I need a 10 minute shower or will a cold water splash do? I turn off the lights and cook out on the grill. I eat lettuce from my garden, not trucked from California. My sweater is wool and not a plastic synthetic. I put my leftovers in glass bowls and carry cloth bags to the store. I buy in bulk and if I can do without it, I do. If I need an item that had to be manufactured, I always wonder if I can get it at the Thrift Store or a yard sale. It's amazing what you can find. It's cheaper too! It's a form of recycling. It's easy to sort and save paper, glass and metal for the recyle bin. It's easy and it helps to save oil.

We all CAN help with this disaster. We CAN change the world. Demand alternative energy NOW! If everyone made even small changes to their lives, it will make a difference. You'll see. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Scent of the Soul

Can it be June so soon?
May passed like the blooms
of the Lily of the Valley,
so sweet and never more
than a sighed breath.
The dejavu of Spring and the feelings that replay
and absorb.
A memory of the same smell,
of the same hand,
over how many damp May mornings?,
holding the same frond
of glimmering white bells,
in perfect balance
and touched with lace...
Then the scent,
it fills my nose
and mind
and circles the sense of time
and touches the soul of Spring
for me.
And yet,
I smell again
and inhale the music of my heart,
and die a little inside.
For never can the World
ever be as sweet
as the first waft of perfume,
from the lovely little bells
that sing and sparkle
and bring tears of joy to my eyes.
The flowers leave too quickly
as they travel the Wheel of Life,
to return again
one morning in mid May,
to my hand
and to my soul,
sweet, soft scents
of Spring's long gone,
Love is lost and then is found.
Blessed Be!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Orbs or Blobs?

Here's an oddity I wanted to share with you. When my son's friend returned home to get his forgotten ID for a night out on his 21st birthday, Bob snapped this photo of him, using my camera. I wondered what the spots were at first, then realized the photo was full of orbs.
Orbs are phenomenom that appear in photographs and many people have speculated on their origin and meaning. Are they Nature Spirits caught in the act, dust particles or ghosts? I am not sure.

I have actually tried to capture these abnormalities myself by flashing my camera in the dark or at unexpected times. I have met with no sucess and I had acturally forgotten about their existence until this photo popped up.

What do you think it is? Notice the different sizes and colors and the fact that they are spread throughout the garden. What do YOU think it could be? I'm partial to the Nature Spirit theory.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oil and Water

We know that oil and water don't mix. It's a simple fact that we all agree on and never question. Yet BP and the oil industry seem to forget this simple little fact. We are told -no worries! They will spray chemicals to dissolve the oil and spread it around. The Atlantic Ocean is so big, you see, that if the spill is spread out and broken up, no one will notice and there will be no problems. This is the actual attitude of BP - I read this morning that a top executive said that the ocean is so big that this spill will not be a big deal! The arrogance of this amazes me.

Today is Friday and BP has said that the cleanup must wait til next week. Why? Do they need the weekend off? Where is the the media coverage?

PB continues to spread toxic chemical dispersents to break up the oil but, that's OK, because they're "trying to find an less toxic alternative". Great! As long as they say they are looking - we might as well as let them keep doing it.

Remember that passage in Revelations in the Bible when a third of the waters turned red? I thought of it today as I saw the congealed blood red oil in the marshes. Maybe I'll go find my Good Book and reread those chapters again...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where are the Black Flies?

I suppose I should be glad. They are the bane of my Spring rapture and the excuse for untended garden chores. They hover and annoy, bite quickly and leave welts and swollen eyes. I dread them each year, though we've reached a rather fair standoff. I wear a netted shirt with hood, and don't complain about the few bites I do recieve. It's sort of my contribution to the Black Fly blood bank.

Yet this year the little buggers are few and far between, and I'm not sure if I'm glad or sad. The warmth and flowers arrived early this year and it feels like global warming to me, though I have no idea why this should be such a warm year. Perhaps a butterfly sneezed in China.

The oil continues to spill unabated into the Gulf of Mexico and I've just learned that it has reached the Atlantic loop. This is the water current that will bring the oil around the coast of Florida and up the eastern seaboard. I feel like this Spring is a gift of the beauty that we may never see again.

A pair of chickadees has built a nest in the box just beyond the back door and the babies call with vigor for their daily food. I've planted the onions (Copra) and made the Dandelion wine, which is ready for bottling. The Lilacs are just opening and the Daffodils have all gone by.

I'm practicing patience and looking for all the little joys. The oil spill occupies my thoughts and fills my prayers with drawn out pleas for sanity and quick resolutions. I know these are futile requests, yet I can think of no other way to deal with these thoughts of hopelessness and despair.

The above pictures of the eggs are bittersweet as well. The cockatil eggs have all turned out to be sterile and I have no idea why. The frog eggs look healthy an viable, yet I've been llosing frogs to a new fungal disease thaat has spread around the world in the last few years. The tadpoles survive but the adult frogs succomb to the new disease. It's rather disheartening.

I have decided that I really do miss the Black Flies.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Gulf Coast Blues

Another tragedy has struck the Gulf Coast and this time there is no going back. The black poison that is flooding across the beautiful waters of the Mississippi delta will not be cleaned up and it will never go away. Not in our lifetimes. The fishing industry there is over and the way of life that has been handed down from generations will never be what it was.

As the first of the oil makes landfall, the enormity of this horror will become apparent. The devastation that this will create is as yet unimaginable, but for the fish and birds, clams and seaweed, the results are already being felt.

Obama has put a halt to all new drilling, so there is a bit of good news. The government had recently approved the Gulf of Maine to be a new drilling area and I believe that a halt on new drilling is a wise and appropriate move. Perhaps we shall now be spared the ecological devastation that will now be visited upon our southern neighbors. Though the spill is so large and so unwieldy that it could even round the peninsula of Florida and touch as far north as the North Carolina shoreline.

I am thankful for the pristine waters of Maine, yet this drama reminds me of how fragile and connected we all are and how what we do and don't do IS important. Today I'll spend the day in my garden, giving thanks for my Blessings and appreciating the gifts of the Earth. I'll carefully pull the stray Dandelions from the garden soil and save the roots for tea, add the leaves to the beans I'm cooking for dinner and boil the flowers for my special Dandelion Wine. I'll not drive and perhaps light a beeswax candle tonight and turn off the lights. I'll cry too and mix my tears with the sweat of my brow and water the newly planted peas. I'll do what I can today to be mindful of the Earth and be thankful for my life here on it.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Full Moon in Scorpio

The sun pushes past the wispy Southwest clouds and sprinkles light on the new green, gold and bronze leaves in the woods. A Pileated Woodpecker claims his breeding ground as he zigzags here and there and drills his awesome beak against the loudest tree.

The Shadbush, Forsythia, Lungwort, Grape Hyacinth and Daffodils all rule the garden while the early purple Azalea begins to show a little color. The Dandelion flowers are like droplets of sunshine and the Hobble Bush is glorious at the edge of the woods.

Our family of Turkeys wander and strut and I think I saw a young one... already? The nesting habits of the great birds is a mystery to me, but I think it would be early for fledglings.

My own nesting pair is diligent in their brooding, though it has been suggested that Joey may be sterile...! I shudder at the possibility, but I have left this up to Mother Nature, so what shall be shall be. The question lingers non the less. I had saved the old eggs from the first clutch, for use as a Tomato fertilizer - one in each hole. Now I intend to go and open them to see if any Life was growing within. Hang on - I'll be back to let you know the results.....

Well - they all looked like unfertilized eggs. Simple yellow yolks with nothing resembling an embryo. Could they all have failed to grow at all? It seems unlikely - and this could be why she keeps spitting out eggs... I need to do some more reading. Well at least I see now why I saw no veins when I candled the eggs.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Dozen or So

Here's a picture of the future nestlings. It's a full 11 by my count. Olivia has been laying all month with this Thursday, (today is Monday) being the first possible hatch day. The Full Moon is Wednesday.

Now we wait. And hope for no more eggs. Olivia is definately determined to be a mother. She has my blessings.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Sacred Vessels

How precious and fragile these Earthly vessels we call 'bodies' are and how extraordinary it is that they can heal and be healed in so many miraculous ways. When one is young, the vigor of youth creates a (false) sense of vitality, an impossible feeling of imortality. We know that the foods we eat and the liquids we drink may heal or harm, nourish or poison. Yet we rarely consider or concern our rational minds with such banter. We over eat foods that do not nourish, we crave snacks that harm us, we drink manufactured sugars and alcohols that our bodies have no idea how to process.

As we age, our fabulous immunities begin to break down. As water wears away stone after a time, so does poison break down intricate pathways and allow the growth and proliferation of diseases and maladies. Only when we experience the pain, suffer the worry and realize the long practiced error of our ways do we try to recompense. Yet many times it is too long gone, too much damage has occurred or the acceptance of ingrained bad habits seems to be the easier path.

Most of us struggle with this dilemna - the proper care and feeding of our Earthly vessels requires thought and preparation, time and money. Should I grab a $1 burger at the 'Donald's or try to create a healthy meal for $2? Carrot or cookie? Wine or water? Cigarette or 3 deep breaths? We all ask and we all decide for ourselves what is right for our bodies and what we want to create, in ourselves and in the world.

I struggle daily for my health. I'm a kidney cancer survivor, a diabetic with a back damaged by years of heavy work, high blood pressure, liver disease, nerve damage and poor vision. My eyes have been a life long concern as I am really legally blind without glasses.

Extra floaters with flashes of light and a spidery blackness on the periphery of my vision prompted me to (what else) check it out on the internet. A possible tear in my retina(!) was the outcome and a quick call to my eye doctor (Dr. Sielbel in Damariscotta) confirmed the diagnosis. I was quickly ushered into the laser room where I was basically welded back together. Not a pleasant experieince (or pain free), yet I felt such a sense of relief at the ability of this branch of the medical profession to be able to save the vision in this eye that I am in a little bit of awe.

Today, on Earth Day, I thank my physical connection to the Earth, for she is my Mother and I am her daughter and together we grow and heal. My Daffodils appear a bit brighter today as the sun shines hot and the Black Flies rule the yard. I am grateful for the sight of them and may you find your own healthy path and connection to the Earth. Blessed Be.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Moon and Black Flies

The first Black Flies of the year have hatched, the Daffodils are madly blooming and the grass needs mowing. The early Spring is a blessing with an underlying curse I fear. The weather tends to even out and it makes me question what's ahead for us this summer...

Joey and Olivia now have 6 eggs and are tending them with a unending source or love and devotion. I hope some of these hatch. I feel they should be rewarded for their diligence, but I am not in charge of this process. My role is spectator and cheering squad.

Doctor visits and trips to Portland have been the norm this month, though all has been for the best and gone as well as one can hope. Now I'm having trouble with flashes and black floaters in one of my eyes. I'll rest until tomorrow, but I'm worried about a detaching retina....Of course today was a garden planting day, and I've been told to be very still and to not lift anything or turn my head quickly, while I wait for my appointment tomorrow.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rebirth of Spring

The Cockatiels inspire me with their tenacity and capacity for love. Olivia and Joey were diligient in the setting of the eggs. Not more than a mere moment would pass without one parent tending to them. They guarded and fussed, turned and watched. In spite of it all, the precious eggs still failed to hatch. I felt a twinge of guilt as I struggled to find the reason.

The nesting material was shredded, crinkled paper and it separated during the sitting process, allowing the eggs to end up perched upon the cold wooden floor. Thick paper towels were added underneath, when the problem was noticed, but the room is cold and it's impossible to know how long the eggs had been chilled.

I grieved for the lost little souls that were never hatched, as well as for my lost Lucy. Yet Life goes on in spite of my wishes, wants and desires. The bonded pair of birds never hesitated. The world would go on and they knew what needed to be done. After the time for hatching had come and gone, Olivia emerged from the nesting box and loudly encouraged Joey to come out and preform his husbandly duties.

And with that, a new cycle of laying has begun. The older eggs were removed, although one appeared to be still viable, so it was left as a companion to the brand new egg. A heating pad was slipped behind the box and the wall to add some warmth on cooler nights. Now we await another birth, another song and another box of joy.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Goodbye Sweet Lucy

May we meet again some day -
Where blue birds fly
and rainbows stay.
Thank you for your light and love,
You were like Heaven's little dove,
I'll miss your sweet and gentle ways
and how you used to flap and play.
Blessings for your journey home,
with soft winds sighing where you roam.

Easter Eggs

Easter on Windsong Way, here in midcoast Maine, was a glorious Spring day. The sun shone bright and clear, with purple, yellow and white Crocus sparkling like newly laid eggs in the freshly raked garden beds. The first Daffodils opened in time for the lighting of the Easter candles at dinner, where we toasted Life and Spring and were thankful for our sliced spiral ham.

Olivia and Joey still sit in silence, and I fear that the eggs got too cold in the box I set up for them. The nesting material of shredded paper was so loose that the eggs were laying on the wooden floor of the box. We put pa per towels on the bottom, but it may have been too late. I'll wait another week and remove the eggs, so she can lay a second clutch. There will be steady supply of eggs from this healthy pair and Mother Nature knows best.

There is a sadness to report - we've lost our quiet, gentle Lucy bird. She became egg bound apparently and was not able to survive an impacted egg. Though her time with us was short, I will cherish the memory of training her to sit on my finger and her determination as she
made her way in the world with her crippled foot.

On a cherrier note, our friend Frank is visiting with his Cockatiels thru the holiday weekend, and his Mama bird laid an egg on Easter morning - a real, true Easter Egg! He gave them a little cardboard box, which has been chewed to shreds with a lovely new entrance thru the roof. Frank is now building them a wooden box while we wait for the shingle delivery, to fix our damaged roof.

We escaped the flood damage that other parts of the state recieved, but the wind damaged our roof and shredded the greenhouse plastic. We retacked and taped the greenhouse cover and I planted Pansy and Pepper seeds with P. (my 5 year old neighbor) yesterday.

My seed sowing will wait 'til after the New Moon on the 14th. For today, with the Moon in Capricorn, I'll concentrate on cleaning out the garden beds. It's an Earth sign and good time for creating structure. The 4th Quarter, which occurred this AM at 5:37, is a time for cleaning and banishing unwanted energies - perfect for weeding!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Meet the Parents - Heerree's Joey!

Joey is a Lutina Cockatiel with a lovely, almost white, body and strong yellow head and tail. He is friendly and loves to show off by swinging upside down on his perch. He'll flap like mad while holding onto the cage when he feels frisky, as he is too afraid to actually fly. He must have had his wings clipped at one time. He loves his bath and demands his water be fresh at all times. He is a devoted husband and attends to Olivia with tenderness and care. Scroll down to see her.

The Proud Parents - Meet Olivia

Olivia is a white face Pearl Cockatiel. I was told she is about 4 years old. She is a bossy queen bird, full of beauty and grace. She loves to fly back and forth in the aviary and Millett is her special treat.

Waiting for the Stork

The week has been a flurry of doctor visits and trips to Portland. I realize how lucky we are to have a hospital as close as Miles Memorial, where some tests and procedures may be done. More serious concerns may lead you all the way to Portland for health care needs. A 120 mile round trip is a serious endeavor in both time and gas however.

I was astonished to find out that the closest radiation facility is located in Bath! That is a 45 minute drive - on a good day with little traffic - and another 40 miles from here. With a treatment schedule that can be 5 days a week for 6 weeks, that is 30 visits to Bath. I think that is 3,200 miles and 45 hours. I wonder if there is such a thing as frequent driver miles?

Olivia and Joey await the hatchlings arrival with the diligence of new parents. They guard the nest relentlessly and hiss and growl over any percieved threat. I haven't viewed the inside of the box in the last few days, but last week there were 8 eggs. Today is day 21 for the first egg that was laid, but I don't think she was actually nesting for a few days after this.

Lucy even laid her own little egg after 'nesting' in her own little cardboard box. I found the egg punctured and empty, but mostly intact, shoved to the back of the box and partly hidden under the paper towel lining. I took it out when I cleaned the box and she has hardly left her sanctuary since. She may be working on another one.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Birth of Spring

Spring has arrived in all it's glory, with peeping frogs, blooming Snow Crocus and a 70 degree reading on the thermometer. This is the earliest showing I can ever remember and, according to my records, the frogs are a month earlier than last year. The Crocus are also 3 weeks early and yesterday I actually saw Blackflies too, which normally appear on the first of May....Unfortunately the Maple sap ran early this year and I don't believe the syrup makers had a chance to gather the needed volume of sap here in the neighborhood. So the year will be a little less sweet. Perhaps the honey flow will make up for the loss.

Forgive me for being so slack in keeping in touch. I could blame the birthday trip to Mayland where I flew to celebrate with my twin, the bathroom being torn apart and repainted or even the extra work and effort required by the 3 new Cockatiels.

I am trying to make a habit of writing in this way but I'm just too wedded to the paper and pen thing. It must be from some past life - I think I was once a scribe, for the feel of pen to paper and a well rounded perfect script thrills me to my bones. And the fact that I can be typing along, miss a key and ... poof... what I have just spent 45 minutes typing is gone in a blink. Don't ask me why or how or who... for I only know that this has happened twice just now while writing this. First the whole thing was lost and now only half was deleted... I will try to finish here without loosing it again.

The last I was allowed to peek into the bird's nesting box, there were six eggs. I know that seems like alot, but they may not all hatch. Please don't tell Jeff. No point in upsetting him as he has his own things to deal with.

So Happy Spring from Windsong Way. May your flowers bloom bright and lovely and the Spring bring you love and peace.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Love Is a Splendid Thing

A new love has entered my life. An unexpected, heartfelt, uncontrollable love that takes over and manipulates my life, my direction and my thoughts.
I'm too old for such foolishness, I think. I am not some addle brained teenager nor a midlife crisis waiting to happen. Yet I have fallen hopelessly and completely under the spell of this new presence.
I know that fate has brought us together and I am merely holding on for the ride. It feels like this path was chosen long ago and the universe was merely waiting for the proper time to seal the deal and thus my fate.
It began innocently enough. We were helping a friend move after he was given short notice. A cranky furnace in his new home and cold winter weather brought him and his 3 cockatiels to visit.
It was love at first sight. No, not our friend, though he is lovable enough. It was his feathered companions that slew my heart. With a whistle and a flutter I lost my will to live without cockatiels. Then the search was on, though I felt as if I really didn't need to look too hard if it was meant to be.
A trip to the local pet center resulted in a distracted clerk saying they had 2 male cockatiels for $120 each. Ouch! That's without a cage or bowl or toy.
I grabbed an Uncle Henry's magazine (local sale and trade book that has it all) and there they were: 3 birds, large cage, carry cage and all accessories for $75. It MUST be too good to be true.
In fact - it was better than true! A mated pair - yellow and white Joey and gorgeous dapple gray and white Olivia (a pearl cinnamon) without cheek patches and Lucy, a typical cockatiel. The cage is perfect - 5' long, 6' high and 30" deep complete with toys and food, a great door and fits in our rec room as if made for the space.
It seemed the poor woman that owned them already had 2 kids - boys, 5 and 3 years old, 5 dogs, an unfinished house and a new baby boy due in a month. The feathers also made her sneeze. I actually did her a favor by taking them off her hands! She said the birds were given to her and her husband had made the large cage. Which also fit in the back of our truck. The birds rode the 2 hours home with polite composure and adjusted to the new setting with wonderful ease. The carry cage is brand new and worth more than the $75 just by itself!
With luck we shall have babies soon and then the fun will really begin. I'll post some pix as soon as I find my camera. We are redecorating and painting the bathroom and the house is in disarray.
Jeff would never let me get chickens and I think these are much better, though I still love fresh eggs. But hand raised baby cockatiels sell for much more than chicken eggs and I won't have to worry about building a chicken house, keeping them warm in winter or keeping foxes away!
Love is a splendid thing!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Imbolc or Groundhog Day?

The beginning of February has been breezy, bright and cold. The shrimp boats have been going every morning to quickly haul as many traps as they can. Then the race is on to get back to the dock to get unloaded before the buyers truck leaves at 11 am.
It's brutal, cold and heavy work. Tempers flair with the pressure to get in line for the extra 10 cents a lb. With a typical catch averaging over a 1,000 lbs., that place in line can make quite a differance!

This week was Groundhog Day and I think Phil saw his shadow, which means six more weeks of Winter. Yea! Only six more weeks of Winter! I always wonder what Phil, the wonder groundhog, thinks of all this fuss once a year....
Candlemas also occurs on February 2 and is a celebration by the Church which is known as the feast of the purification of the Virgin Mary and the presentation of the infant Christ in the temple. I believe there is a blessing of the candles during the Mass.
Imbolc is an even older Pagan day that was sacred to Brigid, goddess of smithcraft, poetry and healing. It is a time when things begin to stir beneath the ground, when new life arises and energies start to gather, in anticipation of the new cycle for the year.
Each of these celebrations of February 2 invoke the light, for the days grow longer and the sun shines a bit brighter. We have actually gained exactly an hour of daylight since 12/21. I could feel it on my face as I walked with Magick, our black lab, this morning.
So today I shall thank the sun and wash the windows then appreciate the woodstove for it's warmth. Tonight I'll light a candle and say a blessing, then dream of summer and order some seeds.
Whatever you celebrate, please include a skin cancer screening for you and your loved ones as well. Do it this time every year and live to love another year. There are 250,000 cases of squamous cell carcinoma diagnosed every year. Fortunately it is easily treatable, though not all skin cancers are. Some are quite deadly, though all should be dealt with promptly.
Be well and Happy Febrauary!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shrimp Season Begins

It's been cold again after a pouring rain that washed away our snow and cleared the ice from the driveway. There was flooding in some of the rivers, but the ice breakers have cleared the way. Of course the smelt shack owners that had to move their fishing spots, were disgruntled. But better disgruntled than sunk to the bottom.
Yesterday was a blustery day so the shrimp boats didn't go. It's still pretty breezy this morning, but they went anyway. Some boats drag for shrimp. but Jeff and Arnie use shrimp traps. They are slightly larger and heavier than lobster traps and more difficult in that rather than open the doors and pull out the lobsters, the shrimp traps must be lifted over the head and shaken to release the scrumptious little crustaceans. That is a 75 lb trap and (hopefully) 50 -75 lbs of shrimp. It makes my back hurt just thinking about it....
Wait, Jeff just got home - it's 1 pm. He says it was 'Bitter' when asked. And they missed the truck, cause they were late. So Arnie could haul 6 more pair. That means instead of 67 cents, they'll get 57 cents. So he lost $240 because of those last traps. The catch was 1440 lbs.... Wow.
They "made ice all day' which means they had to cover all the trays with tarps to keep the shrimp from freezing. They are trying to haul half the gear every other day, because the buyers truck is leaving at 11 am, so they must be in and unloaded by then.
What hard, heavy, cold and dangerous work! Jeff didn't even bring any shrimp home. He said he couldn't look at them any more today, but would bring some home tomorrow.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Winter in Maine

January's Snows

Winter whispers, breath of snow
Light the fire, embers glow.
Crystals hung in frosty boughs
Touch our hearts and test our vows.

Let the children come and play
School is for another day.
Breathe in deep the Winter's air
bright white snow is everwhere.

Leave your cares and woes behind
Spring is far, but we don't mind.
For on this perfect Winter day,
With sleds and boots, we'll make our way.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Unexpected Weather

It was quiet this morning as I opened my eyes. My inner clock matched the time on the bedside table, but the light from the window was dim and the world seemed hushed, suspended. The window looked white and even without my glasses, I realized that it was snowing. Hard.
I smiled as I remembered the Weather forecast from last night. 'A possible couple of inches' was now well over half a foot and falling steadily.
An unexpected snow day. But this is only a small inconvenience for me. I probably won't go to town to the store, but the fire in the wood stove is warm and the woodpile is stacked high. The cupboards are full of nutritious food and we have lots of water. Mother Nature speaks her mind and again reminds us that we can't control or predict how she will play her hand. For us it's an unexpected occurrence, not life or death.
But for millions of others around the world, what she does or doesn't do, IS a matter of life and death.
We live our lives lulled into thinking that things will never change, yet our lives are full of change. Everything changes - for good or ill.
Perhaps we cannot prepare for something like the Earthquake or the drought in Africa or the rain in California. But we should realize our fragility and our weaknesses and also appreciate the slim, tight line we walk in this life. How balance and placement are essential to life and how easily we can loose it all.
May the thoughts and prayers, money and efforts ease the pain and struggle of people around the world. Let's remember that any of us could have an unexpected snow, or an earthquake or a downpour.
So send love and do what you can, prepare for your own possiblilities and help you neighbors. Thank Mother Nature for her gifts as well as her lessons.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Meet Porkey. He may have been dequilled - he seems to not be overly burdened with quills, though he will put up his hackles if I step towards him. He is about 10 feet away from me.

January Thaw

The snow recedes and the ice turns to mush as we have our 'January thaw'. It's a typical weather phenomenon that occurs usually in the middle of January after a period of fridgid cold. The thermometer will creep above freezing and even venture into the 40's.
The birds will flock to the feeders and the squirrels will even awaken for a little poke around the yard. We seem to have a family of flying squirrels in the attic this year and they have managed to chew a hole through the entryway and gained access to the bags of birdseed we keep stored there. I'll have to get a metal can and start setting the have-a-heart traps again.
I trapped 9 squirrels last Fall and dropped them off down the road. The last 5 I drove a little further away, because I'm not so sure that they were't traveling back to the old homestead. I saw a couple of squashed squirrels in the road between me and the drop off place, so I'm sure they were my squirrels trying to find their way home.
Now we have a resident porcupine. He has a made a home out behind the tarp on the north side of the wood pile. I call him Porky and he loves compost scraps and is very found of pears. I read somewhere they make good pets. I think the dog knows he is around, but I'm trying to discourage him from being too comfy in the yard.
Jeff has found him on the porch steps twice and a couple of weeks ago he scratched at our bedroom door in the middle of the night just after I'd let the dog in. I opened the door, thinking one of the cats had gotten out. Luckily he is slow and I realized my mistake and shut the door before he was able to stroll into our bedroom. In the dark. At 3 am. While I was wearing my nightshirt and had bare feet.
I slammed the door and banged on it and he sort of ambled off. Still shaking I woke up Jeff and told him that the porcupine had scratched on the door and I'd almost let it in. He said something like :Well, they do make good pets" and went back to sleep. I could not sleep. I could not stop laughing.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Second Chance

Here we go again! My first blog was apparently not set up right with Google and they won't let you play if you mispell your email address apparently. Oh welll!!!!
Since this took me more than several hours to figure out what was wrong, I must close with saying that I have learned to never start a blog during a retrograde Mercury!