Sunday, July 17, 2011

Elderberry Flower Blessings

Forgive me, again, faithful reader, for I have spent more time in the garden and Facebook, then I have writing in this forum. I shall try to include my posting here more often, for I know not everyone sees my posts of Facebook

The Full Blessing Moon for July has just passed and the air is hot with sunshine and refreshing with cool brezes from the water. We live in such a blessed place! The Sun, the Moon, the waterways and the gardens, all combine in just the right amount to create a wonderland of sights and sounds that makes my heart sing and my mouth smile.

I have gone swimming in fresh and salt water several times this month. The ocean is still cold but refreshing on a hot day, and Muddy Pond, where my friend has a camp, was warm, fresh and delicious! I didn't stay too long on my saltwater forays, but the lake beaconed and my friends led me on a mile long journey to an island on the lake. It was way too much for my deranged back though, and I've been fairly incapacitated ever since. I know better than to swim for 2 hours without a break, but I still had fun and I really don't regret it.

The Elderberry bush is in full bloom now and I'm picking flowers to dry for tea I use for Winter colds and flu. Today I'll try an Elderflower Champagne receipe that my friend with the lake house shared with me. I'm also using her Arnica oil on my sore back, and I think that helps too.

My days have been filled with weeding, watering, harvesting and tending. I feel like I have a pack of growing kids! It's like I get to spend all day changing diapers, wiping noses, making snacks and brushing hair... but it's all weeding, watering, tending... I love being a Mother!

The Elderberry bush is known as the Grandmother of the garden and she is a spirit and presence that simply cannot be denied. From a few dried, dead Winter twigs, she springs to Life and bursts into leaf and bloom, becoming a beacon for Butterflies, Bees and Fairies of all kinds. The soft, whate fluffy blloms with the delicate scent, later becomes tiny, dark purple, juicy berries that produce an elixir of magnificent quality for a variety of ailments. And, it tastes delicious!

Elderberry brings us Healing, Beauty, and Blessings all in one! Throw some berries onto damp, sunny spots and in a few years, Elderberry will bring joy to you and your life. Learn to love this beautiful, dignified lady of the garden, for she will bring you health, wisdom and grace! Blessed Be!