Friday, May 27, 2011

The Lilacs, Forget me Nots and Lily of the Valley bless us with their presence, their beauty and their Heavenly fragrence, while the Bleeding Heart nods with approval.

Spring has arrived at Windsong Woods at last! After such a long, cold, snowy Winter, I relish a walk in the woods with my 6 year old neighbor and the dogs.
The mosquitoes and blackflies were still in the early stages of sucking blood and fertilizing their eggs, so we were left alone as long as we kept walking.
The Lily of the Valley has begun to bloom and the Lilac just popped open a flower this morning too. The Dandelions and Violets are just going by and the beautiful Lady's Slipper are now starting to show their beauty.
I wish I could let you smell the Lily of the Valley, for I am sure that Heaven must carry this scent on the breeze. The birdsong fills the air with joy and the plentiful rains have left the gardens lush and green, with flowers and leaves as green and vibrant as ever I have seen.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The Full Moon has brought us a solid week of cold, wet, drizzly days that only Maine in May can produce. It's cold enough to light the woodstove every day and wet enough to add inches to the new rain gauge.

The garden loves this rain of course. The weeds grow thick and lush and full and laugh at my feeble attempts to pull them from the ground. There is a prolific weed that smells of garlic and has a prett whirl of white flowers, that literally takes over at this time. I somehow can't find the name, though I know I have it in one of my books. I should know it, but I call it the garlic weed.

The rain has dampened not only my enthusiasm, but really put some of the blossoms at risk of not being pollinated. Bees can't fly in the rain. My pretty Pear tree is trying to bloom too.

Here is a rainbow to brighten your day... I'm off to dig some Dandelion roots. Or light the woodstove.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring Has Hope

May is the month of hope, of Life, of plans. When all our dreams can be realized and all things are still possible. We have survived the cold death of Winter and are reborn into a new day.

It's a time when I know all the gardens will be weeded and planted and all my dreams will come true. I can taste the sweetness of the tomatoes to come and feel the weight of the damp, cool carrots that will leap from the ground into my hand in late September...

I smile because I know that the truth will never be close to my fantasy garden. The Tomato Hornworms are due to hit again this year and a cool wet Summer will mold even the nicest Pepper.

It doesn't matter to me now. For today I will sow seeds and pull endless weeds. I won't know or care that the seeds will dry out and die or that the weeds will only pop up faster after the sun and rain hit them a few times. Selfsown plants may flourish instead and some weeds are delisious as well as beautiful.

By July this urge to create the garden will be gone. I'll hide from the hot sun, yet long for the breeze at Pemaquid Beach. I'll water and caress the flowers as they arrive in their colors and artful dresses. But I'll realize the futility of it all and finally let the garden have it's way. The Beets may surprise me this year and the selfsown lettuce will be the best of the season.

Yes for all my sins and inadequacies, the garden shall thrive, and grow and be the best that it will be and I'll be happy just the same.

May your Spring bring you out to play in the garden too. It's fun out here! Come on... Join me!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day

This Mothers Day I am grateful for my children and conscious of the fact that their births caused me to become a Mother. This is a shared experience of existance. Every one of us has a Mother. Each of us begins Life with Mother being the center of the Universe. Yet the feeling was mutual for me.

I love being a Mother and all that goes with it. The good and the bad. The diapers and the giggles, the skinned knees and lost teeth, were all wonderful and special shared moments.

I realize that my children no longer see me as the center of their Universe, but they will always be at the center of mine.

My Life is made complete with them. A bit of me lives on in lifes that I do not control. I am connected to the World in sacred ways and secret parts of subtleness. My Life becomes an echo and mirror to their own.

My Mother is part of her Mother and back and back until we are all the children of the One Mother.

So from the Mother in me to the child in you, may our Lives touch and Love live on, everafter.