Monday, January 18, 2010

Unexpected Weather

It was quiet this morning as I opened my eyes. My inner clock matched the time on the bedside table, but the light from the window was dim and the world seemed hushed, suspended. The window looked white and even without my glasses, I realized that it was snowing. Hard.
I smiled as I remembered the Weather forecast from last night. 'A possible couple of inches' was now well over half a foot and falling steadily.
An unexpected snow day. But this is only a small inconvenience for me. I probably won't go to town to the store, but the fire in the wood stove is warm and the woodpile is stacked high. The cupboards are full of nutritious food and we have lots of water. Mother Nature speaks her mind and again reminds us that we can't control or predict how she will play her hand. For us it's an unexpected occurrence, not life or death.
But for millions of others around the world, what she does or doesn't do, IS a matter of life and death.
We live our lives lulled into thinking that things will never change, yet our lives are full of change. Everything changes - for good or ill.
Perhaps we cannot prepare for something like the Earthquake or the drought in Africa or the rain in California. But we should realize our fragility and our weaknesses and also appreciate the slim, tight line we walk in this life. How balance and placement are essential to life and how easily we can loose it all.
May the thoughts and prayers, money and efforts ease the pain and struggle of people around the world. Let's remember that any of us could have an unexpected snow, or an earthquake or a downpour.
So send love and do what you can, prepare for your own possiblilities and help you neighbors. Thank Mother Nature for her gifts as well as her lessons.

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