Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oil and Water

We know that oil and water don't mix. It's a simple fact that we all agree on and never question. Yet BP and the oil industry seem to forget this simple little fact. We are told -no worries! They will spray chemicals to dissolve the oil and spread it around. The Atlantic Ocean is so big, you see, that if the spill is spread out and broken up, no one will notice and there will be no problems. This is the actual attitude of BP - I read this morning that a top executive said that the ocean is so big that this spill will not be a big deal! The arrogance of this amazes me.

Today is Friday and BP has said that the cleanup must wait til next week. Why? Do they need the weekend off? Where is the the media coverage?

PB continues to spread toxic chemical dispersents to break up the oil but, that's OK, because they're "trying to find an less toxic alternative". Great! As long as they say they are looking - we might as well as let them keep doing it.

Remember that passage in Revelations in the Bible when a third of the waters turned red? I thought of it today as I saw the congealed blood red oil in the marshes. Maybe I'll go find my Good Book and reread those chapters again...

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