Monday, May 31, 2010

Orbs or Blobs?

Here's an oddity I wanted to share with you. When my son's friend returned home to get his forgotten ID for a night out on his 21st birthday, Bob snapped this photo of him, using my camera. I wondered what the spots were at first, then realized the photo was full of orbs.
Orbs are phenomenom that appear in photographs and many people have speculated on their origin and meaning. Are they Nature Spirits caught in the act, dust particles or ghosts? I am not sure.

I have actually tried to capture these abnormalities myself by flashing my camera in the dark or at unexpected times. I have met with no sucess and I had acturally forgotten about their existence until this photo popped up.

What do you think it is? Notice the different sizes and colors and the fact that they are spread throughout the garden. What do YOU think it could be? I'm partial to the Nature Spirit theory.

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