Friday, July 2, 2010

Welcome July

The poppies are blooming and the garden grows with glee. Green tomatoes hang with ripening cukes and the Elderberry flowers are opening. The lavender awaits my cutting and the Hawthorne tree blooms in ecstacy.

The cockatiels, Joey and Olivia are beginning anewin the laying cycles. Dozens of eggs and nary a fertile one. I have yet to find a bird fertility specialist, so I merely wait and trust that the Universe has a plan for unborn chicks. My birds seem happy going about the motions, and after a month of no hatching, they begin the mating and laying again. I'm content to watch and enjoy their company.

The chicken chicks are 3 + weeks old and have been outside to play in the yard a small fenced in area. Next week, they will have a more permanent enclosure for outdoor fun.... I'm still debating the final design. In other words, I don't have clue where the pen will be. I wish I had a chicken house.... Sigh.

In a an undeniable craving for camping and alone time, I found a $7 tent at the thrift store and set it up in the backyard. It is lovely and I may move in before the summer is over. I'm waiting for a warm night to test it out. Page and I have played and painted in it earlier in the week. The dogs loved it and now she declares that she wants a tent too! Her bottom tooth is really loose and we hoped it would fall out, but has clung on mightily... In time the tooth fairy will visit.

We did go to the beach this week for a brief visit in the afternoon. Baby Beach in Pemaquid was almost empty of people and the tide was high. We enjoyed the warm sun, Page ran in up to her chest, I got my legs wet, but it was just to cold for me to dive in... Page was really disappointed that I am so wimpy, though I promised next time that I would.

I'm off to the well and enjoy the summer's kindness!

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