Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Dead Sea 2

The beginning of Summer and I should be happy and enjoying the beautiful air and the bright blue sky. The Beach calls to me, but I hesitate to visit. I feel a connection to the Gulf Coast and sympathize with their plight. How can I lay on our prisitine white sand and bathe in the clear salt water, while others dig oil from blacked shores in boots and haz mat suits? I feed the blue jays and the finches and tell the crows to send love to their southern cousins.

Yesterday the cap was knocked off the well casing at the Deepwater Horizon by a robot that quite possible was spraying the dispersant Corexit 9500. The EPA has told BP to stop using it, but they merely said they would not stop. The government has made no effort to dissuade this additional toxic element from invading the water and poisoning the plants and creatures of the Gulf. This chemical brew will stay in the water for years, though there is no real research on use in such quantities or long term effects. It's a big science experiment we are told...

This is the first time I've had the house to myself for several hours of quiet me time. I should be outside playing in the garden, but I'm in here dwelling on the tradgedy enfolding in the Gulf and wishing and praying that we did not have to go throught this horror. Apparently we don't learn easily though. Sigh.

The Chicks are 2 weeks old and doing well. Lucy is trying to fly out of the box and yesterdayI gave them some little plastic cat balls with bells inside to play with. I hung a little bell and a perch for them too, though they really just want to eat and chase worms and scratch and peck.

I'm off to plant last minute Cauliflour and some Green Beans. I'm not driving my car today either.

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