Monday, August 30, 2010

August Excuses

The month of August lasts only a few days here in Maine. I know the calender says there are more, but the calender knows nothing of the shift of time and space when air and sun and ocean combine to create an unreality that is unexpalinable to all but those that have lived this phenomenom.

Has it been a whole MONTH since I last wrote? Ack!

The chickens have grown but yet to give me an egg, though the cockatiels are now laying again and are enjoying the move to the glass greenhouse for the next couple of months. The yard is full of finches - yellow, gold and purple, that feast on the ripening elderberries and sweet sticky blackberrries. Huge dragonflies cruise the yard by the dozens in the late afternoon and the crickets sing us to sleep.

My daughter has come and gone, like a whirlwind, from California. We wined and dined, walked and talked. Friends - young and old, came and went. We ate too many lobsters and I made black and blue berry pies.

The Porter Preserve on Barters Island in Boothbay Harbor was a treasure. Another day we walked in the rain with umbrellas - she said she missed the rain. The Boothbay botanical garden was a magickal day, followed by a free wine tasting that we came across. Later, she and her father had oysters and drinks on the pier at the Contented Sole in Pemaquid. Priceless!

We wait now for a series of hurricanes to come and play along the coast. The week should be interesting as school starts Wednesday, and the days grow darker and cooler.

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