Thursday, September 2, 2010

Civil Rights

Today is the another 90 degree day, after 4 days of such weather. I don't usually function well when it gets over 85, so I admit to being a little cranky all week. Now we are facing Hurricane Earl as well, so you see, the stress is there...
Anyway, I lost a friend this week during a discussion of what are civil rights: who has and deserves civil rights, and whether a recent 'rally' in DC was a good or a negative thing. I feel it was divisive and questioned how many Black, Hispanic, Gay, Homeless, or illigal aliens were in attendance. She countered that it was merely a religious rally to encourage a return to our Founding Fathers values from the Constition. When I asked which value : slavery, child labor/abuse, dominance of women or abuse of minorities was she trying to return to, it got ugly quickly.
She accused me of calling her names, though I had carefully avoided doing so. Then she called ME several names, complained I only listened 'to my own kind', then said I acted like I hated her and blocked me from her facebook account! I was upset, then I realized the rally HAD been about causing division. It had worked perfectly - for we were sorely divided.
I wondered about other Christion friends, and their beliefs, and looked to Christ's own words and deeds. Then I thought of all the other homes and friendship's around the country that have probably been affected by this vary same event. How different from Martin Luther King's speech, though it was promoted as an event that would unite the country.
I'm interested in the rights of ALL - even that of the animals, plants and rocks... the Earth herself. When will Her rights be honored? The right of clean air and water? The right of having oil in her veins? Why must we rape and pillage Her and her beings? We cut down her mountains and bury her streams. We suck out the water and blow out toxic waste. How long can this continue?
There will be a time, in the not so distant future I think, when She will shake herself off and say 'ENOUGH!' I wonder if I should ask for Her calm or encourage Her Wrath? But really I want Her to shake us all and yell - 'WAKE UP!!!"

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  1. It is amazing to me that you clearly did not look back over our discussion and see how rude you were being. You are the one that used words like, "Gag", accused the men who wrote the bible of smoking pot, then accused me of smoking it, etc. I didn't realize that the words "liberal" and "Wiccan" were derogatory. You never watched the rally. If you had, you would have seen how diverse it was. You would have seen the 250 people who stood behind him, leaders and teachers from all faiths. Your problem is that you are so angry at me for no longer being Pagan. And more than that, you are anti-Christian! I was sad to lose you as a friend too, but honestly, everyone who reads over those comments believes you were acting in a hateful manner. I did nothing to you except stand up for myself and that seemed to really tick you off. And by the way, "Christian love" is not synonymous with "doormat!"

    For the last time, all I said was that I thought his speech about calling everyone back to whatever their personal faiths are to be inspiring. I'm sorry that your hate for the man has made you deaf to anything he says.