Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The Full Moon has brought us a solid week of cold, wet, drizzly days that only Maine in May can produce. It's cold enough to light the woodstove every day and wet enough to add inches to the new rain gauge.

The garden loves this rain of course. The weeds grow thick and lush and full and laugh at my feeble attempts to pull them from the ground. There is a prolific weed that smells of garlic and has a prett whirl of white flowers, that literally takes over at this time. I somehow can't find the name, though I know I have it in one of my books. I should know it, but I call it the garlic weed.

The rain has dampened not only my enthusiasm, but really put some of the blossoms at risk of not being pollinated. Bees can't fly in the rain. My pretty Pear tree is trying to bloom too.

Here is a rainbow to brighten your day... I'm off to dig some Dandelion roots. Or light the woodstove.

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