Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day

This Mothers Day I am grateful for my children and conscious of the fact that their births caused me to become a Mother. This is a shared experience of existance. Every one of us has a Mother. Each of us begins Life with Mother being the center of the Universe. Yet the feeling was mutual for me.

I love being a Mother and all that goes with it. The good and the bad. The diapers and the giggles, the skinned knees and lost teeth, were all wonderful and special shared moments.

I realize that my children no longer see me as the center of their Universe, but they will always be at the center of mine.

My Life is made complete with them. A bit of me lives on in lifes that I do not control. I am connected to the World in sacred ways and secret parts of subtleness. My Life becomes an echo and mirror to their own.

My Mother is part of her Mother and back and back until we are all the children of the One Mother.

So from the Mother in me to the child in you, may our Lives touch and Love live on, everafter.

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