Thursday, June 3, 2010

Scent of the Soul

Can it be June so soon?
May passed like the blooms
of the Lily of the Valley,
so sweet and never more
than a sighed breath.
The dejavu of Spring and the feelings that replay
and absorb.
A memory of the same smell,
of the same hand,
over how many damp May mornings?,
holding the same frond
of glimmering white bells,
in perfect balance
and touched with lace...
Then the scent,
it fills my nose
and mind
and circles the sense of time
and touches the soul of Spring
for me.
And yet,
I smell again
and inhale the music of my heart,
and die a little inside.
For never can the World
ever be as sweet
as the first waft of perfume,
from the lovely little bells
that sing and sparkle
and bring tears of joy to my eyes.
The flowers leave too quickly
as they travel the Wheel of Life,
to return again
one morning in mid May,
to my hand
and to my soul,
sweet, soft scents
of Spring's long gone,
Love is lost and then is found.
Blessed Be!

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  1. Sorry readers - the left indentation will not work for altering margins, so this does not look as I intended. This is my first attempt at non rhyming, free form poetry. Hope it touches your heart as the flowers touch mine.