Friday, November 12, 2010

Believe in Me

Truth and the perception of truth have been on my mind a lot lately. What may be true for you, could be completely untrue for me. I might feel hot and you might feel cold, though each has truth and a legitimacy to the claim. The problem arises when one tries to convince the other of their own truth. You can argue til your face is blue, but I will still feel hot. Perhaps even hotter at that point.
Let's say smoke is pouring from the eaves of the house and I think it may be on fire and about to burn to the ground. You think it probably is nothing and we should go ahead and drive to the store and forget about it. That is a misperception of truth, not a personal point of view. Further thought and investigation is required to discover wether either of us is right, or that the drier vent is merely releasing the steamy hot air in an odd way because of a NW wind.
The emotional response to this is another added consideration. I may be passionately positive that we are loosing our home and way of life at that moment. Crying, screaming, and yelling will not stop a real fire, or change the fact that it is merely the drier vent.
Reacting or overreacting is an unnecessary complication that should be avoided in discussions of differing points of view. I must remember this during discussions of politics.

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