Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hecate at the Crossroads

If you know me, you know I celebrate all holidays - any and all religions that speak of truth and love. There cannot be enough reasons to celebrate our love and remember who we are.
Today is a day of celebration for the Goddess Hecate - the Moon Goddess, The Goddess of the Night... she is the 3 faced goddess that hangs at the crossroads and aids travelers on their path. She is known by her flaming wands, her white owl, her howling black dog, and by the frog and the herbs of garlic, vervain and hyssop, as well as the symbol of the full moon flanked with half moons on either side.
Today she is celebrated and revered in remembrance of the dark side of the Moon. We are reminded that all paths begin as one, and it is the turns we make that change our course, for good or ill. To celebrate and honor Her, food and gifts were left at crossroads that were dedicated to Her on this day. The food was left, a blessing said, and the worshipper would quickly leave the scene, without glancing a look behind.
Hecate does not suffer fools gladly, so respect Her in this image and revere Her dark ways. There may be a time when you need Her flaming lights, for we all may loose our way in the dark at times. I'd rather count on my side.
So tonight I shall honor the Triple Goddess, with lights and laughter - tapered with respect and honor. My offerings will be left at the crossroads, with prayers and my love. Then I'll look for the signs to guide my way on this journey we call Life. I'll only pass where flaming torches light the way, where hounds bay loudly, and owls fly free. Where the frogs bless my doorstep and the Triple Goddess shines on me. Let it be so, let it be.

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