Monday, November 8, 2010

New Moon and Old Politics

High Tide at noon on the New Moon at Pemaquid Point, Maine. On 11-6-10
A new cycle has begun. The New Moon in Scorpio washes away the old leaves with the rain that comes with it. The political cycle begins again as the winners shake their booty and the losers lick their wounds.

I just glad it's over. It's been almost a week and I embrace the quiet as the phone no longer rings all day with recorded messages and surveys. I never give my opinions anymore. I used to tell anyone my innermost thoughts and long held beliefs; back before the political climate felt so volatile and dangerous. Now I politely decline and keep my beliefs to myself.

A violent storm blew through last night with heavy rain and strong winds. My plastic green house cover repair from last spring did not last though and now I have a long, gaping hole in the middle of it. I've been putting the chickens in their during rainy periods, but they refuse to stay in it now and escape thru the sides when they get bored. They are not the smartest birds in the world.

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