Saturday, December 4, 2010

Redskin - Truth or Lies

Wiscasset High School has decided to keep their mascot name "Redskins" and a survey done during Wiscasset voting, shows that most want to keep the derogatory name. 503 to 128 was the voter spread - in favor of keeping the name.
Comments were also given which included things like "Anyone that wants to change the name should be shot", "Our town, our business", and "Who is offended? People that live 4 hours away?"
The student council had requested visits between Pleasant Point reservation and Wiscasset High to discuss the differences. However, this was canceled after School committee members stated that they did not want their children listening to Native "rhetoric", and the Native school decided that their children shouldn't be exposed to such racism.
The children will indeed learn lessons from this controversy, though not what the closeminded Wiscasset voters have expressed.
I think they have their new name - Wiscasset Rednecks!

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