Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Fools

My Life has been consumed with health and financial issues, so I apologize to my faithful readers for my lack of attention and obvious neglect.

My husband has undergone 2 surgeries in the last couple of months and I've dealt with my own injuries from a slip on ice. I was helping a neighbor and retrieving her newspaper, when I lost my footing and saved myself from falling by grabbing the truck door. I pulled chest muscles and a twisted my knee. 'Derangement of the knee' has made my Life a delicate ballet of movemnet to avoid snapping my knee cap and grunting in pain.

The Winter dragged on and on as the snow covered the ground all season. I thought the worst was over, when Aprils Fools day brought us more than half a foot of heavy wet and gorgeous snow! It quickly melted and left blooming crocus in it's wake.

Welcome Spring!

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