Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Moon and Black Flies

The first Black Flies of the year have hatched, the Daffodils are madly blooming and the grass needs mowing. The early Spring is a blessing with an underlying curse I fear. The weather tends to even out and it makes me question what's ahead for us this summer...

Joey and Olivia now have 6 eggs and are tending them with a unending source or love and devotion. I hope some of these hatch. I feel they should be rewarded for their diligence, but I am not in charge of this process. My role is spectator and cheering squad.

Doctor visits and trips to Portland have been the norm this month, though all has been for the best and gone as well as one can hope. Now I'm having trouble with flashes and black floaters in one of my eyes. I'll rest until tomorrow, but I'm worried about a detaching retina....Of course today was a garden planting day, and I've been told to be very still and to not lift anything or turn my head quickly, while I wait for my appointment tomorrow.

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