Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rebirth of Spring

The Cockatiels inspire me with their tenacity and capacity for love. Olivia and Joey were diligient in the setting of the eggs. Not more than a mere moment would pass without one parent tending to them. They guarded and fussed, turned and watched. In spite of it all, the precious eggs still failed to hatch. I felt a twinge of guilt as I struggled to find the reason.

The nesting material was shredded, crinkled paper and it separated during the sitting process, allowing the eggs to end up perched upon the cold wooden floor. Thick paper towels were added underneath, when the problem was noticed, but the room is cold and it's impossible to know how long the eggs had been chilled.

I grieved for the lost little souls that were never hatched, as well as for my lost Lucy. Yet Life goes on in spite of my wishes, wants and desires. The bonded pair of birds never hesitated. The world would go on and they knew what needed to be done. After the time for hatching had come and gone, Olivia emerged from the nesting box and loudly encouraged Joey to come out and preform his husbandly duties.

And with that, a new cycle of laying has begun. The older eggs were removed, although one appeared to be still viable, so it was left as a companion to the brand new egg. A heating pad was slipped behind the box and the wall to add some warmth on cooler nights. Now we await another birth, another song and another box of joy.

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  1. So sad! The heating pad is a good idea, I wonder if cool temperatures are a cause for this? If conditions are right do all eggs usually hatch?
    Hopefully the next batch will be a success!