Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Sacred Vessels

How precious and fragile these Earthly vessels we call 'bodies' are and how extraordinary it is that they can heal and be healed in so many miraculous ways. When one is young, the vigor of youth creates a (false) sense of vitality, an impossible feeling of imortality. We know that the foods we eat and the liquids we drink may heal or harm, nourish or poison. Yet we rarely consider or concern our rational minds with such banter. We over eat foods that do not nourish, we crave snacks that harm us, we drink manufactured sugars and alcohols that our bodies have no idea how to process.

As we age, our fabulous immunities begin to break down. As water wears away stone after a time, so does poison break down intricate pathways and allow the growth and proliferation of diseases and maladies. Only when we experience the pain, suffer the worry and realize the long practiced error of our ways do we try to recompense. Yet many times it is too long gone, too much damage has occurred or the acceptance of ingrained bad habits seems to be the easier path.

Most of us struggle with this dilemna - the proper care and feeding of our Earthly vessels requires thought and preparation, time and money. Should I grab a $1 burger at the 'Donald's or try to create a healthy meal for $2? Carrot or cookie? Wine or water? Cigarette or 3 deep breaths? We all ask and we all decide for ourselves what is right for our bodies and what we want to create, in ourselves and in the world.

I struggle daily for my health. I'm a kidney cancer survivor, a diabetic with a back damaged by years of heavy work, high blood pressure, liver disease, nerve damage and poor vision. My eyes have been a life long concern as I am really legally blind without glasses.

Extra floaters with flashes of light and a spidery blackness on the periphery of my vision prompted me to (what else) check it out on the internet. A possible tear in my retina(!) was the outcome and a quick call to my eye doctor (Dr. Sielbel in Damariscotta) confirmed the diagnosis. I was quickly ushered into the laser room where I was basically welded back together. Not a pleasant experieince (or pain free), yet I felt such a sense of relief at the ability of this branch of the medical profession to be able to save the vision in this eye that I am in a little bit of awe.

Today, on Earth Day, I thank my physical connection to the Earth, for she is my Mother and I am her daughter and together we grow and heal. My Daffodils appear a bit brighter today as the sun shines hot and the Black Flies rule the yard. I am grateful for the sight of them and may you find your own healthy path and connection to the Earth. Blessed Be.

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