Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bird Lady or Chick Mamma?

Oops, I did it again! (Madonna's got nothing on me!) Actually, the exact quote from the hubby was - "This time you've really done it!" I don't know what made me do it... Perhaps it was the early Spring? Or was it the sounds of nesting and mating birds that compelled me to act? I could blame my neighbors that were accomplices to my dirty deed, though they really weren't a factor, merely the excuse that I was looking for.

I have actually threatened this for years, and I can't believe it was so easy in the end... Fate, perhaps, or a longing for love that could be denied no longer. Yes, I like that explanation! I did it for love! And for the fresh eggs... I brought home baby chicks, you see. Barred Rock, 3 day old, fuzzy little black and tan balls of fluff and spunk. Ahh - I'm a mother at last!

I ran into Michael and Susan at Ames Hardware in Wiscasset as they were picking up their preordered birds. I merely asked if there were any birds without homes and the next thing I knew, I was headed out the door with a cheeping box and a bag of chick food. Syncrocicity at its best!

The three chicks quickly became two chicks as one was weak and apparently had some kind of intestinal blockage. I decided not to replace the chick and my two litttle babies are doing well.

Even after the play date with the cat. It really wasn't Merlin's fault. He did what all cats would do in a similar situation. When faced with a slightly open door into a room with cheeping noises... I rescued the tiny screaming bird in the middle of a dinner party as I was steaming asparagus. Then I screamed and cried a bit myself, then I took a couple deep breaths and served scallops and shrimp over rice to 7 people. For my next trick... well, you'll have to keep reading and see!

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